We are discontinuing Flocksales and Taskcare. From 1st Feb 2022 onwards we will not accept any further new registration. Existing users will continue to receive our service till Oct 2022

  • TaskCare is a mobile and web based application which helps any organizations with mobile workforce to manage their employees.
    • TaskCare mobile app is available on Android version and can be downloaded through Google Play Store.
    • Employees can perform all operations through mobile app. However, certain manager related functionalities like reporting, monitoring and handling more number of datas are available on Web version of the application, which can be accessed through
    • Task Management (Creation, allocation & closure)
    • Tracking customer location and optimal route to cater multiple task locations
    • Document collection
    • Verification
    • Survey management
    • Attendance
    • Tracking employees current location and day path.
    • Leave and expense request & approval
    • Reports related to tasks, attendance etc.
    • Daily sales report
    • Custom task creation and assignment
    • Customized forms for data collection
    • Any door service order (like electrician, plumber, food delivery, beauty related services etc.)
    • Logistic services - Courier service, transport etc.
    • Document collection - E.g. Door Banking
    • Surveys and data collection
    • Marketing Drive - E.g. app installation, product sampling
    • Sales

    Task Management

      Below parameters are available on Task creation

    • Task Description
    • Start Date Time and End Date Time
    • Assigned to (Employee)

      If the Task is related to customer service

    • Customer Name
    • Customer Phone Number
    • Customer Address with Geolocation
    • Employee will get a notification on mobile once the task is assigned to her. Also, the same task will be available on the TaskCare app in “waiting” status in Task option. Employee can view the task details along with customer details (if it is customer related task) and can start the task. Once the task is started the status of the task is changed. Also on start of the task, customer will get SMS notification.

    On Task Completion below actions can be taken

    • Enter Notes
    • Get customer’s signature through the app
    • Add scanned documents and images against the task
    • Yes, we can add additional fields to capture more information while adding a task. You should contact at support desk or mail at for additional information.
    • Yes, we do support API integration. It would be interesting to know your use-case and surely we can help you in integration. For further information, please contact support desk or mail at

    Attendance Management

    • Employees can mark attendance through their mobile phones.
    • Employees photo (Selfie), attendance time and geo location is captured while employees mark their attendance.
    • Managers can track in real-time the current location and trace the path covered during the day.
    • Manager can view historical attendance of her reportees
    • Employee photo along with geo-coordinates and timestamp is captured which is mostly adequate to proof the authenticity of the attendance.
    • Yes, on a daily basis the attendance report is sent to the manager’s email Id. Also, the attendance report can be viewed on the application.
    • Yes, you can track current location of the employee.
    • Yes, in TaskCare there is an option to get locations visited by the employee along with the route map for a specific date.

    Request Management

    • This is a very simple form within the app. Employees can select leave type, from and to date to apply for leave. Similarly for expense request, employees can add the expense amount, expensed date, type of expense and send it for approval. All the request goes to the reporting manager of the employees.
    • Yes, TaskCare can expose the API, which can be consumed by your HRMS solution to get the requested leave and expenses details in your HRMS solution. Please contact and support desk or


    • As of now TaskCare is only available on Android. In future we intend to develop an ios app as well.
    • Any Android mobile with version 5.1 and above is supported.
    • Yes, if you keep the GPS ON, you will get more accurate results. However, all the features will work without GPS also but the accuracy will be compromised.

    Pricing and Payments

    • Sure! You can try TaskCare for free. We’ll start you off with an account with all the features for 14 days upto 10 users.
    • Please refer the pricing section of the site for more and recent information.
    • No, once the subscription is taken, the amount is not refundable.
    • To keep it simple, we have just one paid plan as of now. If we introduce new plans, we will keep a provision for plan change.
    • No. Again it's simple. Its pay as you use. There are no contracts.
    • No. There are no set up fee or hidden charges with any of our account plans.
    • We accept payments online with all type of credit cards, debit cards, online banking & netbanking. We also offer PayPal as a payment option for customers outside india
    • Your invoice will be generated and emailed to you on 1st of every month. Within application also you can view the invoice and make the payment. Payment should be made within the due date or else your subscription will be cancelled.
    • No, once the subscription is taken, the amount is not refundable.
    • Yes of course! All your data are stored safely and securely in our data center server (Cloud). Our website & app uses industry standard (SHA 256-bit & RSA 2048-bit SSL) or higher encryption for communications between your device and our website. This is the same strength as bank level security and cash machines (ATMs). And TaskCare's aim is to ensure with absolute certainty that your work is safe at all times.
    • Your payments will be handled and processed securely by Razorpay(For India) and PayPal(Outside India). When you pay by credit card, your card details are not stored on our servers; the fields where you enter your card credit details are securely served directly to your computer/mobile device by the payment processor, and your card details are communicated directly to the processor and your issuing bank, over encrypted connections. TaskCare's aim is to ensure with absolute certainty that your work is safe at all times.